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There is no better place in the whole universe than Fenway Park when it comes to enjoying baseball and soaking it its rich history. The Boston Red Sox are the lucky ones to call the oldest ballpark in the MLB their home.

Opened in 1912 the venue remains one of that nation’s favorite stadium.

The atmosphere outside of the Park before the games is truly astonishing and unique and it just doesn’t compare to any other ballparks out there.

If you’d like to see a lone red seat in right field marking the longest home run ever hit you better try your best as Boston Red Sox tickets don’t last very long on the market and with the venue below 38000 seat capacity it makes it that harder to get inside this charming place, especially that the Red Sox sold out every home game between 2003-2013 for a record number of total 820 games in a row!

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About Boston Red Sox

The franchise is one of the oldest ones and they came to life in 1901 as one of the leagues charter franchises. Initially named Boston Americans won one World Series Championship in 1903. The team was renamed to Red Sox in 1908 and went onto winning four more World Series Titles and then the franchise has gone through a dark stage in their history, a championship drought lasting 86 years.

It is believed it happened due to the owner of the team selling young Babe Ruth to their fierce rivals Yankees, starting something known as “Curse of the Bambino”.

The team shook off its loses (as Babe Ruth wasn’t the only one) eventually and they had won four more AL Pennants between the years 1946 and 1986 but lost all four World Series in seven games. They also came close to earning more Pennants but they’d always come short of winning them in many games, that includes a season when the Red Sox came short of winning regular season race by ½ game.

Finally the curse was broken in 2004 when they won their eleventh pennant when they won a postseason series after initially trailing 0-3 to become the first team to ever do that. It was against the Yankees and that’s why it felt so sweet for many. Then they quickly dealt with the Cardinals in four straight games to win their 6th title.

They finally added two more championships in 2007 and 2013 becoming the first team to win three World Series trophies in the 21st century. The team’s colours are red, navy and white; they are members of East Division since 1969 where they had won 7 titles and their mascot is Wally the Green Monster and his name originates from the Green Monster which is 37’2” tall left field wall at their home ballpark.

With so many years in the league and with so many titles, Red Sox belong to one of the most recognised and decorated franchises in the league.

The team alone produced ten MVPs of the league, they had five Rookies of the Year amongst the players. What really stands out is the lack of many 100 win seasons, given the 13 World Series appearances, the Red Sox produced only three 100 win seasons the best in 1912 with 105-47 record and their last coming all the way from 1946? Another lengthy drought, perhaps?

With their last season being last in the division with measly record of 78-84 there’s going to be plenty of anxious anticipation to see how things unfold in the coming season.

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