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Baltimore Orioles Tickets

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Oriole Park at Camden Yards was opened in 1992 and the Baltimore Orioles can call this great ballpark their home. Despite opening over 20 years ago the venue remains one of best ballparks in baseball thanks to its settings and the view of Baltimore skyline. This stadium influenced most of the stadiums that were built since as the design and concepts used in building the Camden Yards are still used when creating new baseball parks.

The stadium is able to accommodate nearly 46000 fans, so Baltimore Orioles tickets should not belong to rare items but they won’t also stay in the market forever.

Once inside try to find two orange chairs among all the green ones, they mark spots of two of the Orioles Hall of Famers and the history behind them is better to be unravelled once you are there.

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About Baltimore Orioles

The franchise was founded in 1984 as the Milwaukee Brewers, there were plans for Baltimore to obtain a franchise but behind the scenes it was decided that the league needed team in New York.

The franchise moved to St. Louis in 1902 to become the Browns and spend there next 50 years where the highlight was the American League Pennant in 1944 where the Brown’s came short in the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The move to Baltimore happened in time to start 1954 season and the Baltimore Orioles carried on as the finished off in St. Louis by losing their first game and then another 99 during their first year in Baltimore.

Eventually the franchise turned their fortunes around and late sixties the seventies marked their best efforts as the team won AL Pennants 6 times between 1966 and 1984 adding  one more division title in that span of time with another two division titles that came much later in 1997 and 2014.

Out of 6 trios to the Works Series in the period of time the Orioles won three World Series Championships each time producing a different MVP of the series. Their last title came in 1983 against Philadelphia.

The team colours are black, orange and white, the Orioles are members of East Division in AL and their mascot came to life in 1979 and goes by the name The Oriole Bird.

Most of the team and its players’ successes dates mainly in their successful period of the era around the seventies where Oriole had 4 players awarded the CY Young Award (best pitcher) in between the 1969 and 1980. Jim Palmer grabbed that award three times though between the years 1973-76.

Four players from the team were named the MVP with Cal Ripken Jr. winning that award twice. The Orioles also had some success with developing young stars with 7 of their rookies winning the Rookie of the Year award with first one falling in 1949 and the last in 1989.

More recently the team has also enjoyed some success with Chris Davis becoming a homerun Champion in season 2013 and 2015 while producing 53 and 47 home runs respectively and in the year 2014 the award stayed within the team as Davis’ teammate, Nelson Cruz accomplished the fear with 40 of home runs.

It is also worth noting that most of the franchise 100 loss seasons occurred before mowing to Baltimore where the team had 3 such seasons, two of them being the first ones after the relocation. On another hand the Orioles had 5 100 wins seasons with their best in 1970 at 108-54.

The franchise is definitely going to look for some improvement in their coming 2016 season, as they finished the last season with 81-81 record and out of playoffs contention.

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