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Jordan-Hare Stadium is the home for the Auburn Tigers football team. The venue which opened in 1939 was first able to accommodate 15000 spectators, through many renovations and expansion the stadium has gone through, it is now the 10th largest stadium in NCAA with 87000 seating capacity.

The venue is known for its intimidating atmosphere that makes it hard to play for visiting teams but for fans, no matter where they come from, the stadium makes the lists of best gameday experiences.

As far as basketball is concerned, the Tigers enjoy the use of Auburn Arena that holds over 9000 fans, a very modern, recently opened arena (2010) is a welcoming place for fans to visit.

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Auburn Tigers’ first football game happened in 1892. The team is located in Southeastern Conference and they are members of Division I (FBS). The college’s colours are navy blue and burnt orange and their mascot is anthropomorphic tiger that goes by the name of Augie. Basketball program took off in 1906 here.

The football team have claimed two national titles, last one in 2010 (7 titles went unclaimed by the college), the Tigers have won 12 Conference titles and 8 division titles to date. The team had also managed to finish 12 seasons as undefeated one. They also appeared in 38 season Bowls, including 10 that are historically major bowls. With over 700 victories to their name, the Tigers are 12 in FBS when it comes to number of wins.

Beside team success, the Auburn Tigers produced three Heisman Trophy winners, the first one in 1971, Pat Sullivan, a quarterback who went onto playing in NFL although without much success there. He also coached on collegiate level until 2014.

The next winner of the prestigious trophy was running back, Bo Jackson (1985) who was drafted first overall in 1986 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but chose to play in MLB for Kansas City Royals and went onto being named to All-Star game in 1989 when he was named the MVP of the game.

Jackson joined the NFL LA Raiders in 1987 and was named to Pro Bowl in 1990 making him one of only few athlete to be named All-Star in two major sports.

Third Heisman Trophy winner is now well known Cam Newton who after winning the trophy in 2010 went onto being selected first overall in draft by the Panthers in 2011. The dual threat quarterback earned his MVP award in 2016 and appeared in Super Bowl.

The basketball team hasn’t been staying behind with 8 NCAA Tournaments making it to NCAA Elite Eight in 1986. The tigers won one Conference tournament championship and three conference regular season championships.

Basketball program also produced great athletes that individually went onto becoming stars in pro league, NBA. Chuck Person, drafted 4th overall by the Pacers won Rookie of the Year award in 1987. Later on as a coach assistant he went onto winning championship with Lakers.

Another well known basketball persona is Charles Barkley who was drafted fifth overall by the 76ers in 1984 draft and went onto very well decorated career in NBA, winning MVP of the league award in 1993, leading the NBA in rebounds 1987 and clinching two Olympic gold medals with the team USA. He never managed to win an NBA Championship despite being such a dominant presence in NBA for years.

Auburn Tigers are definitely capable of creating successful teams that are made of successful individuals who do well in their professional careers.

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