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Atlanta Braves Tickets

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Atlanta Braves has been calling Turner Field their home since 1997 season. The stadium was functional before that as it became one of the Olympic Stadiums when Atlanta hosted this great tournament in 1996.

This is probably the best time to acquire Atlanta Braves tickets as the team is supposed to move to a new venue in 2017 and there has been plenty history recorded within the walls of the venue.

There’s plenty attractions for casual fans to indulge with and one of the favourite remains Turner Beach that overlooks the field and is well featured with lounge chairs, food concessions and cabana bar.

There’s plenty of everything to do for nearly 50000 baseball fans the stadium is capable of accommodating.

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About Atlanta Braves

The franchise itself is one of the founding teams in the National League when it came to life in 1876. For the first 90 years of existence the franchise has been sold, moved, rebranded. It started as Boston Red Caps and until 1953 remained in Boston but the team’s name would change several times.

In 1953 the team left Boston for hungry of baseball fans city of Milwaukee where they played as Milwaukee Braves until 1965, when the last and permanent move occurred and the franchise is now known as the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves won three World Series titles, one for each city they played in. For Boston in 1914, Milwaukee in 1957 and finally in Atlanta in 1995 thus making the franchise the only one to win World Series in three different home cities.

The move to Atlanta took its time to blossom in results but when it finally happened, the team went about it with big bang as in 1991 the Braves went from the worst to the best in one season and started a something of a dynasty becoming the Team of the 90s by going to the World Series five times, thus winning NL Pennant said five times and winning 14 division titles in a row which isn’t an easy feat. Once they started in 1991 they’d not be stopped until 2006.

The team colours are navy blue, scarlet and white and their mascot is named Homer the Brave (which is meant to sound like “home of the brave” the last words of the national anthem.

It is not surprising that a team with such a long tradition would grow so many talents through the years. Since the early days the franchise enjoyed having players winning MVPs, CY Young awards and so on.

Looking just at the Braves since 1996, the team was privileged to have 3 MVPs including Dale Murphy winning the award twice in 1982 and 1983.

The nineties were truly special for the franchise as their players grabbed the CY Young Award (best pitcher) 6 times, including 3 consecutive ones by Greg Maddux. The franchise also proved to be successful in drafting players as their young developing to be stars choices won the Rookie of the Year five times, the last on in 2011 by Craig Kimbrel.

The list goes on and on and Braves long standing fans must be filled with pride and joy when thinking of their team. Since moving to Atlanta, the team had 6 100 win season with their best in 1998 at 106-56 and the only other time the franchise had a100 win season was in 1898 as the Boston Beaneaters with 102-47.

There is definitely a nostalgic wish to bring the Team of the 90s back to Atlanta to help the city forget about their last season when the Braves finished with 67-95 record.

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