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Chase Field has been the home of Arizona Diamondbacks since 1998 when it first welcomed masses of fans in its welcoming grounds.

The ballpark had been the very first venue that had built in retractable roof in United States. The roof was built as an average open air park wasn’t an option in the city of Phoenix due to the extreme temperatures in summer.

The construction of the roof allows the team to have a naturally grown grass and playing outdoors in months when the temperatures wouldn’t be a danger to Arizona Diamondbacks tickets holders.

The stadium is capable of seating over 48500 spectators and during the first year of the Diamondbacks settling in the venue over 3.6 million fans flooded through the gates to enjoy their team playing baseball.

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About Arizona Diamondbacks

MLB welcomed Arizona Diamonbacks into the league in 1995 but it wasn’t until 1998 when the team had started playing. It took them only one season to win first division title and make into playoffs and in 2001 the Diamondbacks won their first National League Pennant and made their first and only appearance in the World Series where they defeated in seven games, the three-time defending champions Yankees.

Despite the young age the franchise has enjoyed some success as they have claimed five National West Division titles, their last one being in 2011.

The team’s colours are sedona red, Sonoran sand, teal, black and white and their official mascot is a bobcat whose name is D. Baxter the Bobcat. He can thank one of the players’ children for bringing him to life in 2000.

During its fairly short existence the franchise has produced some well-known names in baseball world who also brought plenty of personal achievements to the team.

While the team had never produced regular season MVP or a Rookie of the Year, two of their players had been awarded the Cy Young Award (honouring the best pitcher in the respective league).

Randy Johnson had the honour of hoisting the trophy four consecutive times from 1999 to 2002, while Brandon Webb claimed it in 2006.

Randy Johnson was also ERA Champion (ERA stands for earned run average statistic which is supposed to assess effectiveness of pitchers) three times during his career and Strikeout Champion, the award he won five times including 4 in a row.

The team also produced Home Run Champion, who was Paul Goldschmidt in 2013 with 36.

In the post season, besides the division titles it is worth noting that Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling were co named the World Champions series MVPs.

The Diamondback’s also enjoyed some rarer feats in MLB with 5 players having recorded the Cycle (a rare feat of a player hitting a single, a double, a triple and homerun in the same game) with Aaron Hill recording it twice in the span of less than two weeks. To put it in perspective there have been only 306 Cycles since 1882.

The Diamondbacks can also be proud of accomplishing 100 wins season which happened in 1999 with a season result of 100-62.

With Arizona finishing the 2015 in third in their division with a losing record of 79-83 it is sure expected of the team to try to do better this coming year.

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